Efficient turning is our top priority

Turning, along with milling, drilling, and grinding, is one of the most important machining processes in metalworking. Like all these processes, they involve the removal of chips from a workpiece to achieve the desired shape.

In turning, the workpiece – referred to as the rotating part – revolves around its own axis, while a single-point cutting tool – the turning tool – follows the contour to be produced. The machine tool used for this process is a lathe; there is no manual variant available.

Since all angles and radii of the cutting edge on the turning tool are known, turning falls into the category of machining with geometrically defined cutting edges, which also includes drilling and milling. In principle, all machinable materials can be processed using turning.

Whether it’s cones or spheres, we turn with passion.

Turning is divided into numerous process variations. In addition to face and cylindrical turning to create flat or round surfaces, there are methods for thread production or for any rotationally symmetric shapes (e.g., cones or spheres) that can be manufactured using CNC turning. CNC lathes are used for this purpose, where the CNC control guides the tools along the required paths.

Our Turning Capabilities

With our extensive range of machinery, we can provide our customers with diverse and highly flexible solutions:

  • Processing of all types of materials
  • Diameters of up to 400mm (lengths up to 1200mm)
  • Cut pieces, bar stock (1m and 3m loader), as well as blanks (cast and forged parts)
  • Complex milling operations on the lathe
  • Production of small, medium and large series
  • Quality standard according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Customized inspection processes as per customer requirements.
CNC Drehen

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According to your specifications, we manufacture highly precise CNC turning and milling parts. We provide consultation to ensure your products are manufactured in a way that is both technically and economically advantageous. This way, we become part of your solution and align ourselves with your products - WE ARE PART OF IT!