See for yourself how KOWE secures your supply chain sustainably with precision CNC turning and milling parts!

(IN)Security in your supply chain

Do you know this feeling? You’ve ordered turning or milling parts, and after a few weeks, the supplier contacts you and announces an unplanned price increase. You reluctantly agree…

On day X, you’re disappointed to find out that the goods probably won’t arrive. After a phone call, it becomes clear that the delivery will be delayed by another five days. Of course, no one informed you about this, and everything has already been scheduled for assembly.

Finally, in the next week, the long-awaited delivery arrives. To your disbelief, you realize that the parts are unfortunately defective and cannot be used at all.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

At KOWE, our top priority is to ensure SECURITY IN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN and deliver high-quality precision components on time and with the best quality. We offer comprehensive feasibility checks and detailed cost estimates to ensure transparent pricing.

When you entrust us with your order, your request is systematically planned, and we proactively communicate updates on the order status. Our production is overseen by highly skilled professionals who conduct at least five quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process.

We accommodate customer-specific packaging requirements and exclusively work with selected shipping service providers to ensure timely delivery. Overall, we make sure that you can sit back and relax, focusing on other matters.

Ing. Paul Kobinger
Managing Director, KOWE CNC GmbH


5 Reasons for Choosing KOWE

1. Best Consultation

With our extensive expertise, we are committed to providing comprehensive guidance on achieving more cost-effective manufacturing processes and identifying potential areas for savings. By sharing our knowledge and experience, both you and we can benefit from these invaluable insights.

2. Comprehensive Expertise

KOWE CNC GmbH guarantees excellent quality and top-notch service, backed by extensive expertise in machining, automation, and process technology.

3. Innviertler Craftsmanship

At KOWE CNC GmbH, we combine the traditional craftsmanship of Innviertel with state-of-the-art CNC technology, resulting in efficient and precise manufacturing.

4. Reliable Deliveries

KOWE CNC GmbH ensures reliable deliveries by securing your production with precise delivery through contractual warehousing and efficient logistics.

5. Zero Defects Concepts
KOWE CNC GmbH strives to maintain an impressively low complaint rate of approximately 0.6%. We continuously work towards further reducing this rate and give the utmost priority to addressing and resolving the few complaints we receive promptly.

Secure supply chain with precise turning and milling parts

Minimize downtime and ensure a smooth and efficient production process with our dependable solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards. Rely on our expertise and let’s work together to develop tailored solutions for your business. Contact us now to secure a reliable supply chain and achieve maximum efficiency.

Component Size: up to Approximately Fist-sized

Quantities: from 500 to about 100,000 Pieces

Standard Shaft/Bore Fit: h6/H7

Form and Position Tolerance: 0.03mm

Surface Roughness: Ra 0.8 µm





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