Uncompromising Quality at Its Best

Since April 2005, our company has been certified under ISO 9001, a testament to our dedication to quality. In June 2018, we successfully upgraded to ISO 9001:2015, further strengthening our commitment to excellence. You can download our certification here.

Our quality management system serves as the foundation of our operations. We implement, reinforce, and enhance this system through continuous improvement processes, ensuring the enduring quality of our CNC turned and milled parts.

Internal audits, systematically conducted according to an annual plan, allow us to assess the practical implementation of our quality management system. Additionally, through regular TÜV surveillance audits, we subject ourselves to a comprehensive general check.

We also welcome our customers to perform supplier audits at our facilities. We take pride in the enthusiasm and positivity that our customers bring back after these audits, reinforcing their confidence in our capabilities. Join us to witness our performance firsthand.

ISO 9001:2008 Zertifikat

Quality is Measurable

At KOWE, our measurement technology is state-of-the-art. For precise measurement of our high-quality turned and milled parts, our team utilizes advanced tools such as a complex 3D coordinate measuring machine and an exceptionally accurate profile projector.

Standard measurements are performed using the typical measuring instruments of the machining industry, including calipers, gauge blocks, internal and external micrometers, and height gauges. All measuring instruments undergo regular inspections and calibration by specialized firms.

Every part produced at KOWE undergoes both initial and final inspections, as well as ongoing checks during shift changes. Upon request, we also provide initial sample inspection reports according to customer specifications.

This comprehensive approach ensures the exceptional quality of the parts we manufacture.